Gender equality in Surfing

Every year we have International Women’s day, however, it’s important to continue and carry the encouragement, and support that we see on this day throughout every day! And therefore, that’s why I want to explore how surfing has become one of the leading gender equality sports across the world. Empowering women to continue and support their dreams. Showing the younger generations that with enough dedication and hard work, success can shine through!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a long journey ahead to the place we want to be. However, we also need to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements as they occur. Hence why International Women’s Day was created to begin with.

Tia our instructor holding a surfboard.

As a 21-year-old female that has grown up and participated in multiple sports, it has always proved difficult with a lack of clubs and resources available to women and young girls. But even within a span of 10 years, it’s thrilling to now see many more bustling clubs with younger girls able to participate and thrive, creating opportunities we could only wish for!

Seeing surfing – a huge sport participated and watched globally by millions, overcome a huge pay equality gap; nationally starting in 2016 and progressing further through 2019, and internationally in 2019. Is an incredible tribute to all those female surfers that have pushed themselves so hard.

I’m thoroughly overjoyed to know that I support and follow a sport that has all of our best interests at heart and continues to push the boundaries of our society. This is why I love to see fellow female surfers out in the sea and encourage others to learn to surf. As not only does surfing have many other physical and mental benefits, but as an organisation, we’re also pushing and creating a pathway for the future generation of women.

Tia surfing at Widemouth Bay

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