Thank you NHS!

To say the past year has been hard, is an understatement.

Word’s can’t even describe the way people have suffered this past year. Through loved ones, loved businesses, lack of sleep, and what must feel like a whole world supply of stress resting on a pair of shoulders for some people, plus much more.

NHS nurse standing in full PPE.

However, we’ve learned to unite. To take our time to check up on the ones around us and find new ways to help each other. Whether it was a reassuring smile and wave through the kitchen window or a food shop for the neighbour. Big or small, every act of kindness counts – sometimes more than you’d know.

As well as this we’ve had an unforgettable, huge part of our society who have given everything they have to help through these tremendously difficult times. And they’re our key workers, our NHS workers. We couldn’t be where we are today without them, looking through to the end of the tunnel and finally starting to see some light!

So here at OA Surf Club, we would love to share our little act of kindness and show our gratitude and thanks by helping create some unforgettable experiences full of laughs and smiles! This is why we have joined NHS Special Offers Bude to give these courageous workers 10% off our surf and coasteering sessions, as well as our accommodation at Atlantic Court, where you’ll be able to experience unforgettable cliffside sunset views, looking out over all our beaches over here in Bude, Widemouth!

NHS knitted sign with love heart, hung in a tree.

Get in touch with us for more information about our Bude Surf School and accommodation!

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