What is coasteering?

When you think of jumping off cliffs, you may think of Red Bull cliff dives, or even just crazy thrill-seekers looking for their next adrenaline rush. Well, believe it or not, coasteering is a great way to experience this, in a fun and safe way.  

Landscape picture of a group having their safety chat at the top of a headland, overlooking the sea.

You may have never heard of coasteering until now or maybe you have seen a few crazy photos of groups swimming and jumping from cliff faces into the ocean and wondered what they were doing. Well, we’re here to show you that coasteering is much more than just those big jumps. However if the jumps are what you’re looking for, we can also take you to experience this and challenge yourself in a fun and safe environment!

So.. what is it about?

A costeering group playing in a feature, (the movement of the water where the swell hits the rocks).

Coasteering is all about exploring the natural coastline. Whether it’s through climbing, jumping or swimming, we have it all here, and it’s definitely an adventure not to miss! You get taken to the more remote places of Cornwall, unearthing the beautiful coastline and crystal clear Cornish waters. Where you’ll then have the chance to explore untouched caves and swim through natural archways, as well as traversing over rock formations before taking the plunge for those awaited jumps.

Someone jumping off a cliff face.

But if heights aren’t your thing – don’t worry. We have something for everyone, and we always start your jumps off on the smaller heights. This will allow us to teach you the correct way to jump and enter the water. As well as allowing you to practice this technique and increase your confidence for the challenge of the higher jumps.

Overall, the Cornish coastline is an outstanding destination to explore this sport and is a great way to truly challenge yourself and overcome your fears. Although, we always advise Coasteering with a local company, where they know the area and have a real understanding of the ocean and weather conditions, making sure they can keep you safe.

A group coasteering swimming in the sea.

And so, if you ever venture down to Cornwall, why not try a Coasteering session with the OA Surf Club team. Where we have been running sessions at our local spot, Bossiney Bay for over 15 years! Our highly qualified instructors will provide you with all the safety kit you’ll need on the day to keep you warm, fully protected and feeling safe, allowing you to have all the fun you want!

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