Why You Should Book a Surf Lesson

Learning to surf can be daunting. There’s not just the actual catching of waves to contend with, but learning the etiquette, making sure you have the right equipment, and wondering how on earth you can get your arms stronger to paddle out! But there’s no need to be put off from donning a wetsuit and jumping in the surf, booking a surf lesson with OA Surf Club means we can take the stress away and make sure you just get to enjoy the fun part – surfing!

Do I really need to book a surf lesson?

It can be tempting to skip the lessons and just figure it out on your own. But it’s easy to slip into bad habits and techniques. Booking a surf lesson is the best way to start your surfing journey.

Not only does this allow you to be taught the most effective ways to get to your feet and start enjoying the waves, but it also means you can hire the most suitable equipment for your skill level.

As a fully-accredited Surfing England surf school, our instructors can help you catch the best waves and pick up the best habits, right here in Bude.

Learning to surf with an accredited surf school is also the safest way to get into the waves. The sea is unpredictable and if you don’t know how to spot the safest places and times to get in this can be dangerous. We can teach you important knowledge like how to spot a rip, as well as be there to help you with swimming and paddling in open water. Even strong swimmers in a pool can find paddling through waves and coming off their board difficult.

What will I learn during my lesson?

You’ll start out getting fitted for a wetsuit, if you don’t have your own. If it’s hard to get into it, it probably fits perfectly! You don’t want your wetsuit filling with water once you get in. The water in Cornwall may look tropical, but it doesn’t always feel it. Staying warm means you can surf longer, which you’ll definitely want to! 

Before you even get in the water your instructor will teach you the basic motions on the sand. Making sure you understand the proper techniques for paddling out through waves, catching a wave correctly, and popping up quickly and smoothly. All this is essential for catching and staying on a wave properly.

Once it’s time to get in the water our instructors will be on hand to help you get out and help you catch those first waves. Don’t expect to nail it straight away, even the best surfers wipe out plenty. You will spend a lot more time under the waves than you do flying above them! But that’s all part of the fun. Every time you wipe out makes you want to get back up and catch a better wave next time, when we say surfing is addictive we mean it!

Is a lesson as fun as just getting in the water?

Definitely! And we’re not just saying that.

Half of the fun of surfing is getting out there with your mates, having somebody to cheer you when you nail a wave and laugh with you when you don’t. Just because it’s only you on your board doesn’t make it any less of a team sport. Your instructor is just one more member of your team.

A young girl celebrates as she catches a wave during a surf lesson in Cornwall

If you’re ready to get in the water this summer, then give us a call or book your surf lessons in Cornwall online now

We’ll see you in the surf!

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