Why you should visit Cornwall in September

Believe it or not, we think the best time to visit Cornwall is in September. Contrary to popular belief, Summer is far from over during this month. So, whether you’re a family, school or group of friends, stick with us, as we’ll tell you why…

Quieter Cornwall

Sunset beach scene, with people playing in the sea.

The major tourist hotspots for Cornwall, such as Bude, Padstow, Newquay and St Ives will be considerably quieter, meaning fewer crowds, and quicker ques for those worthy ice-creams! Not only this but there will be plenty of car parking spaces, allowing you to visit the glorious locations we have to offer. Plus, with the opportunity to fully explore and take in your surroundings without the crowds or photo-bombers!

Warmer Waters

Whether it’s a swim in Bude sea pool, surfing, bodyboarding, or even jumping off cliffs with us on our coasteering sessions. The sea temperatures will be vigorously warmer, due to being heated up all Summer by the sun. With the sea reaching its highest temperatures in late August, there’s no need for wetsuit boots and gloves. Grab a Summer wetsuit and replenish yourself in our Cornish sun and sea!

Cheaper Holidays

Cheaper accommodation rates, with more choice of those popular sea view destinations? Holidays in September are a steal. Due to school holidays coming to an end, creating less demand, but with that warm weather still hanging around, you can grab yourself a bargain!

Plus why not stay and catch up with those September sales while you’re out and about around our Cornish shops.

Paella dish with shrimps and muscles.


We all love a good meal. So what more could you want than the chance of booking into those popular restaurants, and being able to order mouth-watering dishes without fear of them being sold out, or the restaurants being booked up weeks in advance! And if that’s not enough, your food should even arrive quicker too, due to the smaller crowds!

We have such a variety of fantastic restaurants and cafes here in Cornwall that you definitely don’t want to miss out, housing fresh local fish dishes caught off our coasts, and fresh produce from our local farms. Our restaurants continuously go out of their way to help our environment by diminishing those food miles.

 Festival Galore

Someone standing and watching a fireworks display.

Whether you’re into music, food and drink, art exhibitions, workshops and more, there’ll be an event for you here in September. With many festivals happening all over Cornwall, you’ll be sure to make a day, weekend or even week surrounded by good vibes and lots to experience!

Some festivals include Truro Food Festival, Newquay Beer Festival, Little Orchard Cider and Music Festival, Newquay Fish Festival, Falmouth Reggae Festival or head to St Ives’ amazing 14-day September festival!

Swell Time for Surfers

Last but certainly not least, one of our unforgettable reasons here at OA Surf Club for why we love this month is because of the September swells! So if a surf trip is what you’re looking for, September is your lucky month. The luxury of still wearing that Summer suit, whilst surfing those quality waves, which has all been made happen by long-travelled swells, helping to deliver that power to our shores!

So if you’re like us, and are hooked on surfing, then September will be your most reliable time to come. Or even if you’ve never tried it before, book a session with us at OA Surf Club, and we’ll get you up and ready in no time, with all the knowledge to take away and continue your progression from our Bude Surf School.

Surfer completing a top turn on a wave.
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