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Christmas Parties

Christmas meals with your friends, family or colleagues, with your own private space.

Looking for the perfect location for your Christmas party or meal? Look no further than the OA Surf Club in Widemouth Bay, Cornwall. With its stunning clifftop views overlooking the ocean, this venue provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable and festive celebration.

Where better to celebrate christmas than by the sea?

The team at OA Surf Club offer a range of Christmas party options, including lunch, evening meals, and full-day events. With up to four courses available and a traditional roast on the menu, you can be sure that your guests will be treated to a delicious meal and a free glass of prosecco for all.

Our experienced chef freshly prepares each dish, creating a menu that is cooked with care. You'll be able to enjoy this, alongside our fully licensed, private bar.

If you fancy enjoying a drink or two or just have a full night away, we can also organise a room in our B&B, our accommodation sleeps up to 40 so we have plenty of space for everyone. Wake up to the sound of the sea, contact Rob or Tia for a full quote on accommodation.

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